Fraud alert

Rafineria Gdańska (Company) receives information about the activities of unknown persons who, using the Company's logo, as well as the image and data of members of its governing bodies and employees, impersonate Rafineria Gdańska or its employees and members of governing bodies and present investment offers based on financial instruments issued by Rafineria Gdańska. Please be advised that these activities bear signs of fraud, and neither Rafineria Gdańska nor members of its bodies or employees have anything to do with these activities. The company notified law enforcement authorities of these events.

We would also like to inform you that Rafineria Gdańska does not provide or offer to provide financial services and does not conduct any form of activity consisting in offering financial instruments, investment advice or providing investment recommendations and does not process personal data in order to conduct activities of this nature, and does not commission other entities providing such services on its behalf.

Rafineria Gdańska is also not the owner, administrator or operator of any platform on which financial instruments issued by the Company are traded.

In addition, Rafineria Gdańska indicates that on the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority you can check whether the entity on behalf of which a given person acts is authorized to provide financial services in Poland: https://www.knf.gov.pl/podmioty/wyszukiwarka_podmiotow

and verify that the entity is not on the list of public warnings issued by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority: https://www.knf.gov.pl/dla_konsumenta/ostrzerzenia_publiczne