Management Board

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Adrian Szkudlarski
President of the Management Board

President of the Board of Rafineria Gdańska Sp. z o.o. (earlier LOTOS Asfalt Sp. z o.o.)  since December 1st 2021. Previously, he was member of the company’s Supervisory Board, having been appointed thereto as of October 14th 2021. In that capacity, he also served, pursuant to the Supervisory Board’s decision, as acting President of the Management Board of LOTOS Asfalt Sp. z o.o. between November 4th 2021 and November 30th 2021.  More →



Mohammed Al Hindas 
Vice President of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer 

Since December 2022, he has been the Vice President of the Management Board and CFO at Rafineria Gdańska Sp. z o. o., responsible for coordination all issues related to achieving strategic goals in the financial area, managing all financial, accounting and controlling activities, managing all activities in the area of ​​purchasing, ensuring the implementation of audit tasks and the functioning of the complex risk management system.  More →



Cezary Godziuk
Member of the Management Board

Cezary Godziuk has been a member of the Management Board of Rafineria Gdańska Sp. z o.o. (earlier LOTOS Asfalt Sp. z o.o.) since December 29th 2017. He served as President of the Management Board of the company until November 3rd 2021, and since November 4th 2021 he has been a member of the Management Board in charge of the areas of departments headed by Director of Processing, Director of Logistics and Director of Projects and Development.  More →



Piotr Walczak
Member of the Management Board

Member of the Board of Rafineria Gdańska Sp. z o.o. from October 1st 2022. Previously, from September 4th 2020 till July 31st 2022 he held the position of Chief Refining & Marketing Officer, Vice President of the Management Board of Grupa LOTOS S.A. From December 1st 2021 till September 30th 2022 Vice President of the Supervisory Board of Rafineria Gdańska Sp. z o.o.   More →